- "developing your home and garden"
Landscaping Services
Complete design and build landscaping service. Whatever you want from your garden we can design and build the perfect outdoor space that will enhance your lifestyle and value of your home.
With busy lives many clients are opting for low maintenance gardens.
Paving stones can be a versatile option for landscaping as their use can quickly transform a garden. They come in different colours and size with Indian Stone proving more and more popular. Paved areas are basically maintenance free and can be used to create an outdoor sitting areas or to connect parts of your garden.
Danar specialises in the construction of all types of paved areas, patios and paths. Your individual requirements are discussed at consultation stage.
Gravel & Slate
Gravel and slate provide a modern clean look for your garden which is both hardwearing and practical.  Both can add texture and interest to create modern and stylish pathways, drives and borders.
Rubber chippings, Bark & Mulch
Keep weeds to a minimum and achieve an instant facelift with landscaping bark or choose decorative play grade tested conifer bark to create ornamental finishes and safe play areas.
Recycled rubber chippings are one of the most innovative, environmenatlly friendly products. Produced from recycled tyres these chippings look great as an alternative to traditional barks or decorative aggregates. A mild citronella scent also deters animals away from your plants and play areas.
We clear the area of all weeds and use a semi permeable membrane(weed control fabric) to prevent regrowth, we then cast the chips evenly over the entire area to a depth of 50-100mm.
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